High quality electrical equipment


NIKDIM is a family company founded in 1991. by Eng. Nikola Dimitrov. At the beginning the company started activity with processing of low and medium voltage fuses. Bulgaria was in a period of transition and for some time there were no imports or local producers. Gradually, the company began to develop the fuses step by step, initially buying the porcelain tubes from various suppliers.
In 1996 Dimitrov founded the factory for electric porcelain, also situated in the town of Kazanlak, with main activity production of bodies for low and medium voltage fuses. Gradually, the company acquired the production of different types of insulators for low and medium voltage, necessary for the new production of disconnectors. In the late 90's the company moved to a new building (former brewery), where the current headquarters of the company is located.
In 2000, NIKDIM began export to neighbouring countries such as Romania, Albania, Macedonia, and the Middle East. The company began to participate actively in international exhibitions and obtained its first quality certificate ISO 9001. Since then, the company has developed many new markets and specific product ranges.
Today, NIKDIM is proud of its international presence in over 40 countries around the world, located on 4 continents. It continues to constantly develop new products and develop its current in each group of products: FUSES, DISCONNECTORS and INSULATORS.
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Our main priority is to be able to complete each project and answer each request. This focus in recent years has led us to develop many and varied disconnectors, fuses and insulators for different areas: railway companies, solar and wind farms, power substations and many others. For this we need experienced engineers, skilled workers and high-tech workshops. 

Construction department

Our engineers are highly qualified professionals with long experience in the design and construction of electrical appliances. We use 3D design and the latest CAD software.


Our workshop is equipped with a thread erosion machine, a volumetric erosion machine, digital lathes, milling machines and coordinate machines, and other metalworking machines needed to develop new products. 

Mechanical shop

We have over 20 pneumatic and eccentric presses, drills, press brake, guillotine, CNC lathes and other machines needed for the production of each metal part of our products.  

Galvanic workshop

In our newly equipped galvanic section we make a variety of coatings with nickel, silver, tin and zinc, and we can control and monitor the thickness and quality of the coating and perform a variety of inquiries. We have a fully automatic line for nickel and are in the process of implementing automatic lines for silver, tin and zinc. 

Assembly workshops

We have renovated installation workshops for low voltage fuses, medium voltage fuses, workshop for fusible element and workshop Disconnectors, which also has a welding section. 

Electroporcelain factory

Porcelain is a very important part of the products produced in NIKDIM. Our factory for electroporcelain is also located in the town of Kazanlak and is registered as a separate company ELEKTROPORCELAIN EOOD. The factory is located on an area of about 8000 square meters. and is equipped for the production of all fixtures for low and medium voltage electrical fuses and low and medium voltage insulators. 
The regular production of the factory includes: porcelain support and through insulators up to 36kV, pipes and insulation bodies for low and medium voltage fuses, electric filters, products of different types of porcelain on special request. 

Electro laboratory 

Our electrical laboratory TEST LAB BULGARIA is equipped with a stand for testing low and medium voltage fuses, as well as equipment for testing disconnectors and insulators. All products manufactured by NIKDIM pass 100% control tests according to their respective routine test program.

Focus on quality

The main priority of every employee, organizator or manager in the company is to improve the quality. Our goal is to reach every single point in the world where NIKDIM is a symbol of quality and trust. Following this goal, we make constant efforts to test and improve our products. We work with our customers and distributors to reach the end user and find out what they need. Our doors are always wide open to any feedback and visit. Do not hesitate to contact us! 


The main clients of the company are international electricity distribution companies such as CEZ, EVN, E.ON, Electricity Romania, Energo Pro, ENEL Italy and others. 
Our product portfolio also includes products developed for Alstom GE, ABB and others. 


NIKDIM strives to become a world leader in the production of each group of products FUSES, DISCONNECTORS and INSULATORS. To this end, we are constantly improving the process of developing and testing new products by striving to answer every inquiry. We are open to new challenges and new markets from around the world.